Tuesday, 27 October 2009


In all the excitemnet of last night (Bellabel & Zozo came for a visit and putting 3 munchkins to bed for a few hours whilst trying to eat ninner and get ready to kill badguys is a bit of an adventure..fun, but an adventure nonetheless), Nw forgot to put a nappy on Torby before he went to sleep.

This was discovered at 5:30 this morning when Torby came and joined us in bed because he was awake and whingy.

Cue stumbling, zmombie parents trying to deal with a now cold and unhappy child who is covered in ick.

One warm and toasty shower with me while Nw stripped the bed and burned the knickers of disgustingness, followed by fresh jammies, a dressing gown and Maisy and the world was a better place for him.

For us it was still far too early to be dealing with that much energy and ickiness.

I had to be awake about then anyay to get to work but I do feel sorry for Nw who should have still been tucked-up in bed and not now lying on the couch being forced to pick the enxt maisy episode.

Here's hoping that tomorrow morning is less dramatic.

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