Sunday, 25 October 2009

Don't wanna unpack more boxes and you can't make me!

ahem..better now.

As we were driving home this morning through a humongous storm I mentioned that I might pop my head into the garage just to make sure no water was seeping in.

Nope, not seeping.

Gushing would be a better word.

Water, water everywhere and not a dry spot on the place.

I cursed, I moved things up off the ground, I cursed some more, I realised that somethings weren't worth moving because they were already waterlogged and therefore buggered and would be good to at least support other things to stop them getting wetter. Oh and then I cursed some more.
I also scooped bits of stuff out of the guttery thing we have before the backdoor of the shed (it helped) and opened the roller door at the front so at least the water had somewhere to go. It continued running across the floor and dripping from the ceiling.
Hateful water.
Thankfully I got most boxes up off the ground in time..the bottoms of them are sodden but the books inside are mostly okay.
There are some fabric boxes that will need investigating and washing I suspect.

Nw has gone back to the old house for the final clean-up.

I've put Torby to bed, turned my music up loudish (bought the album of a band called Mumford & Sons and am really really loving it. Kind of folk-rock. The guy's voice is awesomelly gravelly) and am spending the evening unpacking and cooking sausage rolls to be frozen for later and finding clothes to wear to work tomorrow and wishing that we had lots more money so we could knock down our garage and build a better, shinier, more water-proof one. Instead we shall fix this one ourselves. For we have the technology!

Oh and procrastinating.

Let's never forget the procrastinating.

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