Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Well, after much painting and heavy lifting(thanks MegzznSmurg) and contractors tromping through and sweeping and visits to ikea and munchkin being elsewhere (thanks M&J), we've moved into the new house. It was even christened with pizza and wine and laughter.

There's still so very much to be done (painting and demolishing and bathrooms, oh my) and the old house still needs to be emptied and cleaned but it's nice to be in our house.
I'm loving that the layout is better and the backyard is much more accessible and useful and my computer is on a real desk and we have more space and a garage and it's ours, all ours (well, the bank's)

We moved Stampy across last night and she even emerged from under the couch a lot and lay on chairs and near the heater a fair bit. She seems to be coping okay. Brave Brave SirStampy.

I was asked this mornign if it was restful to sleep in our new house. I just laughed manically.

The first night we crawled into bed at the late hour of 9:30 and the bed broke. No, we weren't shagging, munchkins jumping on it for 2hours solid earlier in the day may not have been good for it. So we dragged the mattress into the living room and slept there. Last night (after fixing the bed) we slept amongst the delicate sounds of Stampy's collar jingling as she scampered about the house and Torby snoring and snuffling).
Tonight, we remove the bells off her collar (she's wearing it in case she escapes and doesn't know her way back, the tag is the important bit) and I put another coat of paint on the walll in Torby's room thus getting us a step closer to having the room to ourselves.

but for now I'm at work (luckily I could find enough clean work clothes to assemble an outfit) and about to go get a second cup of coffee and dreaming of not having to paint and unpack at the new house and the really trying to not think of the work to be done at the old house.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt apparently.

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Dawn said...

oh yay for you lot and a house of your own! The moving stuff is always exhausting but I have never had the bed break on me! Great that you have already managed pizza and company. I think that sort of thing is important.