Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The house posts will stop soon, I promise

Things about my house I love

My new-to-us dishwasher. Nw made it work last night and oh how delightful it is.

Having a toaster (the one in the old house exploded taking a power-point with it.

Distinct lack of cockroach infestation (the nice pest control people are coming along tomorrow to make sure it stays that way)

The prickly heat lamp (IXL light/heat/fan combo thingy) we put into the bathroom.

Meeting the lass at the florist/cafe/dressshop down the road and buying a bunch of ranunculus' and having a chat on the way home.

Looking out at our little garden and having Torby be excited about planting and growing things - maybe he will manage to keep plants alive despite my black thumb.

Everything on one great big steps into the living room, no backyard down a slope. Much better flow to the house.

Having the hallway down one side of the house as opposed to swapping at the living room. Means that it's a much more usuable space.

Having room to have our computers together on a real desk.

Gas oven/stove. Oh how I hated cooking on electric stoves of slowness.

Continuous hot water - I may never leave the shower again.

A garage and all it's delicious storage opportunities.

Wooden floors instead of carpet.

Things that could be better

Kitchen with lack of bench space and no draining board attached to the sink.

Narrow bathtub (that also needs repairing but that is in the works)

Oh and the amount of painting/unpacking/fixin' that needs to be done but that goes without saying.

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