Friday, 26 June 2009

go go nerd boy

Torby woke up just before 6am and came trotting into our room after cexploring the livving room and discovering that 'his busy ' (my old laptop) had been put away. After a few demands to play busy from him and a few reminders from us that it was still sleep time he climbed between us and proceeded to thrash and kick and squirm about settled down between us. In an effort to get him to cease squirming about and asking it wake time yet? can I pay busy now?, morning yet?, I go isobelzoes? I go grandma's? etc, we resorted to getting him to count to 300 hundred with the promise that I would wake up when he was done.

Yup, we eploited his love of numbers in a bid for more sleep like the good parents we are!

He counted to 200 hundred and then got bored.

Still, was a few more minutes of blissful horizontalness before we had to start the day.

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