Tuesday, 30 June 2009


It's not the Evil C word
We don't know what it is, except taht it's not that ( well, it could be lurking anywhere, but not specifically in that white patch)

I have a referral to go see a lung specialist.

I'm to finish this does of antibiotics and then have a break but they may try me on the special drugs to kill off the special infection it could be. It starts with S and I keep wanting to say Scoliosis and then Salmonella, but that's not right (for so many reasons).

And now, I've been up since really quite stupid o'clock this morning, and walked around a lot of the sore foot of soreness (also looked at today and no spare fracture so probably just soft tissue damage) and had a lot of worry and then a lot of glee and tried to do some sewing and been v v feeble at it.

Bedtime for this little black (and not cancerous) duck.

Oh and thank you for my sms' and emails and messages and stuff. Is very very appreciated.


AutumnHeart said...

Glad to hear that the scary word is ruled out!

Look after yourself,

- A.

anti ob said...


Mindy said...

Good news. Hopefully something interesting, but easy to kill off with good antibiotics if required.

Wenchilada said...

Wooo! Glad to hear it's not that. Get those drugs into you!