Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Packing and sewing and shopping, oh my

Have been preparing for girly roadtrip down to Melbourne.
We leave delightfully early tomorrow morning.
I still have so much sewing to do, but 10hrs of car trip plus extra to do it in. Think I'll take Charlie up on her offer to do some sewing for me as well.
Last night's Fight Club was a write-off for me. Hateful lungs taking up valuable brain space and sewing time.

Am trying to squish everything into overnight bag thing and a backpack. Packing light happens to other people. I try and fail.


Will promise to make sure there are photos of me in frenchypants frock o' doom. Actually want to get photos of other people's frocks as well. Need photo of Meg and I as Bobsy twins. We've both made late period frocks, both in a gold/natural tone brocade. No it was not planned. People probably won't notice the effect, but it makes us giggle.

Met MissMegzzz in town todat at the lovely french pattisserie in The Rocks and had rooly rooly good healthsome food. Yes, butter and eggs used in those quantities makes it healthsome right? Was healthsome to the soul at least.

Now for last bits of pottering and then bed methinks.

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