Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Adventures, Ho!

Torby and I are going to go to Melbourne for an adenture in September.

There will be H&A's wedding
There will be flying on a big big big biggest plane
There will be finding cool kids stuff to do.

There will be the finding an apartment to stay in - want to have separate living/sleeping areas
There will be finding a way to get from Melbourne to wedding and back again.
There will be much bribery involved.
There will be convincing people to come and catch-up in said apartment because we can't be out past bedtime.

There will be fun and adventures


There will be a well-rested MrNw to come home to who can tell us all about his adventures of being alone for a few days. I expect these adventures will centre around, sleep, save world, go to pub.

I'm looking forward to it.

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Mayela said...

I'll be going to the wedding, there might be useful things to discuss once I'm back in the Country!