Monday, 6 July 2009

week round-up

hateful probably cancerous lungs, I should do sewing, hateful probably cancerous lungs, I shall distract myself by sewing, ahhh better. sleep is for the weak

2am and all is not very well! ooo CT scan is interesting, it's going to be cancerous, I hate waiting, soooo tired, should sew but brain doesn't work, did I mention I was tired? and scared? and fretting? and that I hate waiting? hooray! not the evil C word! hoorah! I am a big doofus! Champagne is needed. bugger, last big night to do useful sewing and brain still isn't working.

work, work, home home, sew, sew, pack, pack, save the world, pack pack, sew, sew, sleeeeeeeeep.

Big girly Roadtrip! Squeeeeee! No sleeps to go! Sewing in the car makes 10hr roadtrips go zooom. Don't blame it on the sunshine. All your Melbourne are belong to me! Ooo sparkly lights outside hotel window. Yay for going out for dumpling sand food and chats with a chum. Manic and bouncy from finally being here and would asplode if there was no-one to direct it at. Sleep in big big bed all to myself, Oh the luxury of space.

markets and hot jammy donuts and bratwurst and walking down Collins st wih Charlie. So much architecture pron. Keep walking all across the city and the pretty park and ah here's home for next few days. Unpack. Lunch at wine bar on Gertrude St in Fitzroy is rooly rooly yummy. More 'sploring. Beverages in town and coffee in Camberwell with chums is extra fun. Doombaby loves ratty. Dinner with lots of people. Hugs and laughter and amusement and delighftully bad tv and deeeelicious baked goods.

Day of the frock. But first brekkie on Lygon st at cafe that Meg used to go to a lot. v v yummy. Time for frockage. Soo much needs to be fixed but it did look kinda awesome if I do say so myself. Amusing photos and food and wine and pretty frocks on lots of people, and cute venue and weirdness and court and lovely to see people and drinks bacxk at apartment. Standing around outside with nothing covering my upper chest did my lungs no end of good (not). The cough came back with a vengeance. No sleep for anyone.

Tired, grumpy, wheezy, need alone time. Brekkie again at cafe, uber nummy. Yay for arts markets and art gallery and seeing different people and food and wandering around and AJ helping me with my small-boy-addiction. Bus ride of weirdness to airport, waiting, waiting, flying, flying, walking, walking....MY BOYS ARE HERE!!! Hugs and kisses and I love you and I miss you and tell me about your weekend and more hugs and kisses and presents and snuggling on couch and early bed and many a sigh of contentment.

Was lovely to go away, Was lovely to spend time with good friends (next time will manage to spend more time with the lovely people who live there - I likes them and didn't see nearly enough time with them), was lovely to see the prettiness that is Melbourne and was extra lovely to come home to my little hovel and lie on the couch being happy.

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