Saturday, 6 June 2009

such goodness

the weirdest thing about this lurgy is the sleepiness...constant sleepiness that will occasionally peak in the need to be asleep NOW!

The past three days has seen the entire Huntington-Smythe clan at home, feeling unwell and taking it in turns to have naps and being generally miserable and pathetic.

The boys made it out this morning to swimming and brunch for grandmama... I managed a hot shower and then fell asleep for a few hours like the sicky slug I am. Sorry grandmama.

The surprise nap did me good (eventually)
Managed an afternoon's stroll around exotic Belmore to buy some pastries and delicious meat onna stick (also found some kofta mince - little mincey goodnesses shall soon be mine!) then a visit to Megzz & Smurg to eat said pastries.

Being out and about did me good. Seeing faces that weren't my two favouritest boys in the world did me good. The eggses fresh out of a chicken's arse will do me good when I make them into something.

Now being curled up on the couch after the scaldingly hot shower I had and downing a bunch of drugs to help the headache and the achey go away is doing me extra good.

Tomorrow is sewing hell at Meg' midwinter frocks will be ours! Hopefully All this sleeping and drugs and walks in the sunshine has done me sufficient good that I will be able to function properly and usefully and not need to take a few naps.

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jimmywantsapuppy said...

poor you! damn lurgy. Good luck with the sewing hell though - I'm thinking of you and I wanna see you in a hot frock xxx