Monday, 1 June 2009


House Bit
The auction for the house we wanted was on Saturday morning.
We'd had a building inspection done.
Report suggested that one corner of house was sinking, there was a fair bit of water damage and a new dampcourse was needed along shared wall (terrace house) - basically, to stop it collapsing on top of you, would need about $100k. Plus whatever else to put new kitchen in and fix bathroom and knockdown potentially asbetsos filled laundry bit etc.
This dropped our buying price to low-mid 400's.
The opening bid on the house was 540 and it went for 584.
We really hope that they had had a building inspection done and just really wanted taht house anyway.
Very scary.

So, we're still looking. Sigh.

Nw saw some more houses later on Saturday.He liked one on Addison Rd in Marrickville and we'll go see one in St Peters on Tuesday night.

Frock Bit
Sewing frenzy happened on Saturday at Meg's house.
Jimmy and I worked on my frenchypants frock. We now have a mostly done skirt (My new secret to pattern matching is to make the lovely husband do it. His engineery sense of perfection comes in very handy at times), a mostly done underskirt/forepart and a mostly done corset. Hurrah for lots of mostly doneness. Oh and a lot less nervous about it all DV. Double hurrah.

It's looking rooly rooly cute.

Tuesday night will be bodice and sleeve patterning and fitting and then I can finish it all off in less than a month. Easy Peasy! (actually won't be all that bad..missjimmy will do the patterning for me and I can utilise Nw for a lot of the machine sewing - gogo collaboration frock!)

Lurgy Bit
Having the dumb cold/throat lurgy go away only to be replaced by a tummy bug lurgy is less than spectacular. Mmm a few days of constant nausea - a small reminder of what being pregnant was like.
Have been making food, just not eating it. I think the smell of it all cooking is too much? Hmm, must get Nw to cook tonight and test this theory.

Random Bits

Started reading the Blood... (Pact, Price,Trail etc) series by Tanya Huff (Meg has loaned them to me). Quite absorbing. Vampire bastard son of Henry VIII in modernday Canada and lass who's ex-cop now private eye solving stuff. Totally normal I say.

Lass at the markets was selling marshmallows flavoured with raspberry, kaffir lime and passionfruit. I bought a box with all 3 flavours and ma were they good. Such intense flavours. Nomnomnom.

It's a new month (pinch and punch for the first of the month. no returns) so we're no longer being punished by Optus for exceeding or download limit. Internet goes zoooooooooooom again. Squeee.

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