Thursday, 25 June 2009

Megzz is to blame..

Now, I don't want all you single ladies running off to the US to be this man's goddess. Hod yourself strong.


Quatrefoil said...

"Her home is clean, orderly and uncluttered. "

Oh well, there goes my chance at Twue Love.

Impish said...

I'm just speechless.

Mayela said...

Hmm, I'm off to the USA in just over 2 weeks AND I'm single!

It MUST be destiny!

DV said...

DrQ, you can borrow Torby and say he's your child - mess that is the child's is allowable. He's very generous that way.

Impish - me too. speechless with longing to be single so i could be his goddess.

Mayela- destiny, def. destiny.

Cozalcoatl said...

Hey...he stole that directly from the post I answered to meet Rob....
See it can work...!
That guy was almost cute 10 years ago..tool.