Tuesday, 18 April 2006


The scenario; a young (okay not so young but lets ignore that) mother is doing her grocery shopping with screaming baby in pram. Said mother is starting to lose it as is evidenced by the grumpy stressed out look she can feel on her face and the fact that she is tearing down the aisles in a desperate attempt to get the shopping done and get home to feed aforementioned hysterical baby. wonderful mother gets to checkout with frazzled look (She caught sight of herself in a mirror) to be greeted by the person at the checkout saying "oooh he's a bit unhappy isn't he" The poor mother than said the only thing you can say in these situations. "Do ya think!"

Rude, I think not!

Why, why do people insist on telling when your baby is screaming at you. Do they honestly think you haven't noticed? Do they think it's helpful? Do they have no concept of self preservation?

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