Friday, 21 April 2006

all my friends are cunning, but they're fun to have around

Whilst folding and re-organising Torbenspangs room I noticed something. My friends are way way more clevererer than I am. Here's the proof.

This is the fabulous quilt Miss Dawn made for Torbenspang. The close-up of the center is below.

This is the lovely blankie DestructoMeg made. It's knitted and everything. She very clever young lassie.

This is the jumper that Speedies mum, Heather made for him.

This is the blankie I made for him. Yes my friends are way more talented than I am. It sickens me : )


DestructoMeg said...

ooo comments!! at last!

And can I gack a copy of the pic of the blanky - in my spasticness I don't think I took any!

DV said...

It's very exciting to get my very first comment.