Thursday, 8 January 2009

One of the things I miss is free-time.
Free unnegotiated, nonguilty, untimed time.

Time to spend all day in bed reading a book, time to watch a few movies, time to go out on my own, time to go for a walk by myself, time to go shopping, time to go to the pub for a whole afternoon/evening, time for a cafe meal, time

I do all of these things (well, maybe not the all day in bed one) but they have to be negotiated with husband and child, there is guilt associated with them because I know that if I'm not on munchkin entertaining duties, then Nw has to do it all.

I guess it makes those moments all the better when they do happen.

I love having the munchkin and I'm very lucky that he is such a good one (on the whole) and that Nw is very very good to me and often lets me take time off to go do stuff sans torby. Just sometimes, I really miss owning my own time.


spyder said...

You is not alone.

Katrijn said...

No, definately not alone.

Toasty said...

there is a whole world of not alone out there, I am one of those too.

Impish said...

We can be all not alone together!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

if only it were that easy :-)

doorbitch: tardis

do I win a prize???

Anonymous said...

Speedy, huh?


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

doorbitch is the verification word you enter to be able to post. mine was tardis!

that deserves a prize, don't you think? like, maybe David Tennant for a few hours? I'd bring him back mended and drycleaned ;-)