Wednesday, 12 August 2009

house musings

We went and stuck our head in the (hopefully) new house last night.
Mainly to get measurements so we know if things will fit etc. and so we can get rough ideas what it will cost to fix up.
It was useful to me because I'd pretty much forgotten what it looked like.

It's smaller than I remember. It scares me to think how we're going to fit everything in and then I remember that it has a garage for storage and is better designed than current house. It'll all be good.

We got to Petersham early so went and had a play in the park with Torby. We then trotted up the road to the house saying hello to all and sundry.

Is such a weird feeling coming back to an area (the very same street we used to live on in fact) that we lived in so many years ago. So much has changed since then. Different things have become important in where we live. This place will be awesome with the park and pool so close by. Come summer, I suspect we may live down there. We have the bowling club almost next door and a few other pubs with walking distance (Inc. the Newington which is about halfway between us and M&J - soon there shall be walking up to 'The Restaurant' for dinner). There is now a Thai restaurant where the corner store used to be. Not as convenient maybe, but more delicious. The main strip of Petersham has remained mostly the same as I remember but now with added grocery store. Hurrah!

I'm going to miss the uber-convenience of living in Burwood. Having a supermarket and shops between the train station and house is pretty handy. Major shopping centre down the road was nice. So much good chinese bbq (mmm ducky goodness) and veitnamese bakeries and the handmade noodle place of deliciousness and a really good fruit and veg shop. Walking distance to two major train stations is nice.

But now (assuming nothing goes wrong between now and September) we have a great park and pool, we're closer to M&J and the girls, I'm still on the trainline I need to be for work, access to great portugese chicken and custard tarts, a new pretty area to explore, a great street to live on, lovely schools for Torby to attend. Oh and a house that has a gas stove, a little garden that is more useful than our current expanse of lawn, walls that we can paint as we like and put holes in wherever we like. Oh and we never have to move again.

We just have to get there.

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