Monday, 10 August 2009


Tomorrow night we get to see the inside of the hopefully new house. Measurements need to be done so we can start getting quotes on new bathroom etc.

Tonight we went to 'The Restaurant' with M&J and the girls. 'The Restaurant' is more commonly known as Newington Inn. Poor kids and their warped view of the world. Camping involves big frocks and painted floors whilst going out for dinner involves a local pub.

Torby did his first representational piece of art at the pub. Not just numbers or letters or shapes. We got faces. All with big ears and sticky uppy hair. I shall scan some in and pop them on flickr tomorrow night. Is kinda cool.

And now there is wibbly-wobbly jelly to be eaten and trashy shows to be watched..

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K said...

We used to refer to the pub bistro and beer garden we'd go to often as kids as "the drink shop", so my uber-Catholic grandmother wouldn't get upset when we told her stories.

I suspect it's a common ploy. I turned out OK... ;)