Monday, 10 August 2009

Le Yawn, Le Cough, Le Wheeeze

We got to visit the hospital on Saturday morning for the eleventy billionth time since having Torby.

Long story cut short, he inhaled some rice cracker on Friday night and it got into his lungs.

Despite the 4hours we were there, he handled it very well. Saying ?cheeese? as he got his x-ray done was the highlight. The cute, it burns.

We both had big big naps when we eventually got home. Mmmm nap..

Then around to Megzz&Smurgs to taunt the chickens and piggies and eat yummy meat onna stick and even yummier cr?me brulee and drink nummy wine and forget about the stress of the morning.

We lost his dummy that night and he seems to be doing okay without it. (shh, I found it at the bottom of my bag but we won?t tell him that). Had always planned that this nuk would be the last one, just wasn?t expecting it to happen so soon or in such circumstances. Hopefully he won?t adopt one of the other nuks we have lying around and this will be the end of it. Hopefully.

We?re all a bit slow at the moment as Casa de Huntington-Smythe. The broken slep is doing us in. I am looking forward to Torby?s lungs getting rid of the added crunchiness and my lungs getting rid of extra mucus. Poor Nw has to deal with entirely too much coughing and feebleness I think.

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spyder said...

hide the other nugs.
We told the Noodle last one, final one and he still wnated it well after he chewed a hole in it.
I feared he would still have it at his 18th birthday but then I accidently threw it out (only to discover it later in my bag).
After the first night and some condolence lego he never looked back.