Saturday, 1 August 2009


at 6pm today, Nw shall be visiting a real estate agent and handing over a deposit for a house in Petersham.

This is of course assuming that no-one else puts in a deposit before us.

It's a 2 bedroom little house at the end of a street we used to rent on.

It has a garage and gas and a teensy backyard.

It has a bathroom that needs redoing, floors that need discovering, wiring that needs replacing and windowsills that need to be fixed.

But soon it may be ours.



Wenchilada said...

Oh wow, congratulations! I get why you might be a bit freaked out right now...

Still - very cool!

Dawn said...

Oh how exciting. Best of luck.

Mayela said...

Wooo! I hope it all worked out for you, that's so incredibly exciting!

anti ob said...

Woootage! Mission successful?