Monday, 17 August 2009

bathroom adventures

The bathroom in the new house needs a-fixin' so we spent various bits of the weekend looking at bathroom pron.

We're getting bathroom re-finishers in to spray and waterproof the place and make the bathtub look noice again. So very much cheaper than stripping bathroom of bathtub and all the tiles and starting again.

In all three places we visisted, Torby had an absolute hoot running around and pushing the buttons on the toilets.
In all three places, he would then decide he had to use the toilet and start pulling down his pants.
In all three places our cries of 'nonono bunny, not that toilet, lets go find a real one' could be heard.

I think that my way of shopping is being transferred to Nw. Despite us not officially owning a house yet. we now own a bathroom vanity (cunning corner unit that will fit, give us more space than a standard one and was the last one (ex-display) in teh shop and on sale) and a over-bath shower screen.

If house falls through, the criteria for next house we try and buy will be that the bathroom needs renovating just so we can use them.

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