Thursday, 20 August 2009

A Torby update

Picking Torby up from daycare and grinning as he throws himself at me with a 'Mamma I've been missing you for sooooo long'

Walking home and him trying to write his name as he wizzes on a tree. Such a boy!

Ooo Ooo I know, I have a really good idea.... How about we... It's nice to share...

I called a good boy...You're a good boy Mamma. He now realises that some people are girls, but not me apparently.

When he is allowed to have two straws to drink his milk with at night...He decides that they are his sisters and they are often called Harry and James. Cracks me up every time. I kinda like that gender really doesn't mean anything to him at this stage.

He's still really looking forward to going to Melbourne in September. Still a bit focused on brushing his teeth in Melbourne as well. Freaky child.

And now he is awake so I should stop reflecting on the things he does and watch him as does them.

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