Friday, 21 August 2009

a three day catch-up


Nw is out at the pub (I'm deserting him on both Saturday and Sunday so it's probably fair that he got to pick a social engagement to go to tonight..probably)

Torby is asleep (in our bed, It's very similar to his own bed except it's his favourite and I just deemed it easier)

I made cheaty-pants oven paella (added chorizo and more prawns and some paprika) for ninner.

I had chocolate cake and icecream for dessert

I now have a glass of wine and am tucked up on the couch with my book and the lovely dvd's that MissImpish sent to me. Dollhouse and Krod Mandoon and No Heroics...Oh I am so very spoilt.


A rare day off for Mr Nw occured.
So, there was a trip to the lawyer for him to sign things for the house, lunch in newtown at the fabulous mexican place, Guzman y Gomez I've been wanting to try for forever... It was sooooo good. So so very good. Torby and I then went and gorged ourselves on icecream while Nw did important things. Although, really, what could be more important that scoffling icecream??

To round out the day of eating and slugging, we went to the pub for dinner M&J and the girls. Because cooking would have involved effort.

Tomorrow (well, the weekend)

Saturday I'm off to trundle about the Craft show with MissMegzz and mock the scrapbookers look at stuff of a crafty nature.

Sunday I'm off to see Avenue Q with the gang. Squee

I'm reasonably sure packing should figure in there somewhere. That or planning how we can inconspicuously set fire to the place so we don't have to move anything.

I really like the latter option.


Mayela said...

Saw Mr Nw on Friday night at the pub. You're going to live just down the road from where I work! I can see many an after work drink in the future!

DV said...

sounds like a mighty plan:)