Monday, 17 August 2009


Megzzz and I went to the Young blood designers market on Saturday.

The line-up to get into the Powerhouse was huuuuge but it was a beautiful day and standing around in the sunshine in winter is never a bad thing.

The markets were full of pretty stuff and some funky stuff and some..stuff.

I forgot to steal Nw's wallet before I leapt out of the car so was slightly cashless. This was mostly good as it meant I didn't buy lots of stuff. But bad because, well, there was some very funky stuff.

A coffee cup for my coffee at work
(megzz bought me one- I'm looking forward to using it this morning)

Butterflies! Butterflies made from plates!
(can't link directly to the butterflies but go to the online store and then click on Ornamental and then Chrysallis)

Sticky things for the walls - soon I will have a new house to decorate and everything!

Also a lot of nice jewellery, beautiful fluid looking woodwork stuff and some lovely frocks that would look hideous on anyone above a size 8 or who had boobs.

Was a great way to spend an afternoon.

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