Monday, 31 August 2009

It has begun

The Great Packing Expedition has begun.
5 boxes down and so very very very many more to go.
We have too much stuff
We have far too many books (4 of those boxes are books and I've barely made a dent.

I'm now discovering further joys of these broken lungs of mine..the dust makes extra wheezy and cough-y.


The mantra I repeat to get me through this is that we'll never have to do it again. I'm going to be buried in the new house I tells ya.

Have also organised for bathroom people and a floor man and a locksmith to come and visit the new house the day after we plan to do the settlement thing. Locksmith man will change the locks and the other two will give us quotes and hopefully be able to start soon after. Just need to find an electrician and we're (mostly) set. Well, except for calling the bathroom refinishers to also come and quote and then get started. That will be tomorrow's task.

As this seems to be the last weekend for a while that's pretty empty, I'm planning on using it to do an obscene amount of packing in. Anyone want to feed us on the Saturday night? We'll be dusty and sweaty and in desperate need of wine o'clock. Hmm maybe staying home is better in that case. Oh well, we shall see.

Now to load new songs onto my ipod and then have an early night. This packing lark is exhausting. Especially the procrastinating bit.


Impish said...

Good luck! I'm exhaustipated with the mere idea of selling/buying/moving house.

Anonymous said...

How about I do dinner in a box?

What don't you eat/like?

DV said...

Thanks DrQ but MegzznSmurg have come to the rescue already.
May take you up on your offer when we're deep in the thores of moving though.