Monday, 25 June 2007

A request from Jimmy

The nummy corn salsa she loves is made in the following way...

Take 1 big tin of corn kernels or cut kernels off a few cobs of cooked corn, throw them into a frypan with some oil and fry them until they get a bit of a colour and smell really yummy.
Quickly throw in some finely diced red capsicum, spanish onion (not a whole one) and coriander and stir around until everything is warmed through.
Dump into a bowl and add lots of good olive oil and let sit for a bit.
Get spoon and eat until you explode.


Miss Jimmy said...

YUMMY! Thank you missy!

I think I can even make this fit in with WW!

Love ya!

Oh, The Joys said...

Is capsicum the red oniooooooooooooooon?

woops - I lost control there on the o's.

DV said...

Jimmy - what is WW?

OTJ - Capsicums are bell peppers to you. You wacky americans and your strange names for things :)

Miss Jimmy said...

The sad desperation of Weight watchers my shrinking friend xxxx

DV said...

ah k...the term I'm used to is 'the cult' :)