Monday, 25 June 2007

The recent trip to exotic Melbourne can be summed up thus;
2days traing = bleurgh
1 night drinking with chums = much laughter and frivolity and not-even-single entendres
1 morning spent wandering around city with a friend eating jam donuts from the Queen Vic Markets = lovely

All in all the good stuff outweighed the bad. It was, however, fabulous to come home to the boys. Torby even gave me lots of hugs and kisses the next morning.

Unfortunately, I came home exhaustemerated (yes, it's a word) and so despite having 6 lovely friends come over for dinner, I went to bed at was that or fall fasleep in the yummy pudding and custard.

Speaking of sleep, I think it's back under the covers for me....I think I'm going into hibernation for winter...see you in spring

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