Thursday, 7 June 2007

sto-o-ormy weather!

just be very thankful you can't hear me sing!

Woke up briefly this morning (fumble fumble, crawl out of bed, shove bottle in childs head, take empty bottle out after child has sucked it dry in 1.2secs, put child back in cot, stub toe getting out of room, fall into bed, continue snoring because you can't breathe through your nose because of the dumbarse headcold you have) and heard the rain begin.

It's such a nice sound. I especially love it when it goes quiet, gains intensisty, lets out a thunder clap or two then quietens (sp?) off again.

So, I drifted back to sleep with that fabulous sound only to awaken a few hours later (lovely husband let me sleep in) with that horrid thought of......

bugger, I have washing on the line!


Destructomeg said...

It really was so fab listening to it this morning. I could lie in bed all day listening to the rain :)

Mousicles said...

Ditto. Listening to rain whilst snug in bed is totally brilliant.

I too got to sleep in whilst Tops minded child while he was getting ready for work. I think he's learning how to multitask.

Hunydd said...

Aahh shaddup. I got to listen to the rain drumming on the roof of the car whilst sitting on the M4 carpark.

I like the rain, but gee, why does it make everyone stoopid?