Thursday, 14 June 2007

A hot chocolate with marshmallows please

It's currently raining and 11 degrees outside and I think about minus eleventymillion inside my house. I'm rugged up in so many layers I can't put my arms down properly, Torby is running around barely dressed, his choice...not mine, which makes me feel even coldererer. Off to go huddle in front of the heater again and try to get feeling back in my extremeties.


Hunydd said...

I think that your house hand mine must have been built with the same aim in mind. It's generally about minus eleventymillion inside here too. Need to spend many 1000's on proper heating (and then on proper cooling in the summer).

Tell me again why we live in Sydney?

Destructomeg said...

Coz despite it's crapness the weather is better than most other places. My olds in Hobart are looking at this
for the weekend. And in winter in Lonnie somedays the fog never lifted and the frost only at ~11am. And melbourne is just grey for 6 months (and cold). So while shivering and bitching and moaning I keep reminding myslef of the perspective!!!!!

Cozalcoatl said...

Its beautiful and warm here, with cool nights. I'm loving this weather. Even when it was snowing outside, it is warm inside. Yay for central heating, something that Australia sorely lacks.