Friday, 15 September 2006

wrong, wrong, so freaking wrong

Okay, I love Christmas as much as the next person (okay, considerably more than most people) however. I do feel it's a wee bit wrong for the shops to be setting up for it NOW.

We spotted a Coles last week that has some items for sale, the local Myer is setting up their Christmas land and some two dollar shiops have their christmas produce available.

Do these people not understand it's only SEPTEMBER (I've very shouty in this post)

It just makes it all a bit tacky and nasty. Their ruining Christmas!!! Next they'll start telling us that the Tooth fairy doesn't exist.

MrNw is right, Australians really do need another thing between fathers day and Christmas. I guess that's why Americans have Turkey Day, it gives the shops something to focus on.


Anything girl said...

I agree - it seems earlier and earlier each year... soon there won't be Christmas season, just Christmas and January (mebbe not... mebbe Christmas, and Easter, and the bit in between...anyway).

I've been known to have this very same tanty on a more personal level... My mother (being the organised individual she is) was prone for a number of years to ask me what I wanted for Christmas as early as September, August, even June. Ihave had to put my foot down, since my birthday is at the end of September there's now a rule not to speak about Christmassy things until after that day, else I get quite pouty...

It's not just you :)

MrSnerg said...

That's the best reason I've heard for Turkey Day yet. We do need another day. Driving around last week we saw a shop window chock-a-block full of Christmas lights. Gave me the heebie jeebies. Lights up on xmas eve, down again on epiphany. Or at least something close to that. Freaks me out to have almost half a year of xmas lights. Mind you, I'm sure I can buy easter stuff already too.

DestructoMeg said...

Christmas is evil and should be killed.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I love Christmas! I love presents! I love eating lots of good food and hanging with my people, enjoying slothful summer arvos. bring it on I say. mind you, it was better when my parents had a pool. summers are much better with a pool. I am investigating tthose funky round bulgy-sided ones.

I just try and avoid the reality Out There as much as I can, and do all my shopping About Now, instead of Too Close To Christmas, so as to avoid all The Crap.

as for Turkey Day, I only love it because we know how to have fun and take it in the right spirit (ie, lets all get together and eat too much!). it would be just as foul, tacky and commercial as Xmas if it were actually a phenomena that was marketed in Australia. you'd hate it, you know you would. like the lame-arsed attempts at Halloween. put it down, and back away.

and god knows, we manage to find enough to do between now and Xmas without more things!

DV said...

I'm not suggesting we import Turkey Day, just that if we had something to break it up, the shops would be forced to at least wait 'till after to advertise Christmas.
Mind you I did see Hot Cross Buns for sale in the local Harris Farm on the weekend.

MrSnerg said...

I was attacked by the spirit of Christmas again yesterday... aaarrrgghhhh! Apparently the other thing that stops the shops going nuts in the US is that they also take hallowe'en very seriously. It's a double buffer. No fair. Hallowe'en and turkies gang up against the spirit of Christmas arising too soon. What forces can we deploy to put Christmas back in it's place? (i.e. sometime around December)

DV said...

Queens Birthday needs to be tuned into a money making venture. Just think you could by things with the queen on it and birthday cards for her and...stuff. Yeah, okay, crap plan.