Monday, 25 September 2006

Random mumblings

If you want to have a happy cheery morning, don't listen to Joni Mitchell on the way to work

I love that you can see the Blue Mountains from my office

Haiku is amusing

The Brazillian festival at Darling Harbour wasn't so great. The chalk artists thing also happening was better but not brilliant.

I need to get out of Sydney soon. I'm getting itchy feet and no it's not tinea. Thankfully we shall soon be running away to Shoalhaven for a weekend. yay

I love Portugese food esp. the portugese style prawns at the Portugal club.

I like my green top better now that it's cut shorter.

Everyone needs to keep an eye out for me for black sandals. Low, leather, comfy with a heel strap.

I brought Torby into work last wednesday and the office stopped for about an hour. It was very sweet.

We really should tell other people how fabulous they are more often.

I'm really sick of seeing the Irwinites on every magazine. Yes it's a horrible tragedy that they lost their husband/father but grief is a personal thing and perhaps we should let them deal with it in private.

It's nice to be at work but I really wouldn't mind not having to do it all the time. If I could just work random days/times/weeks, that would be better.

The coffee from downstairs at work is hideous.


Baggy Trousers said...

You know,I have a terrible habit of listening to The Cure, or blues, on the bus of a Monday morning. I find that really soothing though, and I end up having a great day.

Why does the blues make me happy?

Wenchilada said...

More to the point - Why does the Cure make you happy...

Ok, that's not so difficult to work out, they kinda make me happy too.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

the Cure can be happy or sad. depends on the song!

but I am rarely in the mood for Joni Mitchell. I'm afraid she doesn't float my boat.