Thursday, 5 October 2006

I found this box of wine, sah!

I found this box of wine, sah!, originally uploaded by Miss DV.

In case we needed proof that he was my son, Torby is very pleased at his discover. Wine, wine and more wine!!


Jane Doe said...

Definately a Waters child!
Is he a standing up boy now? Gosh, it's all happening too fast. Tell him to stop, dammit!

DV said...

oh yeah, he stands. it's a delight (I say through the mani c grin that's bee in place this last week or so as my son destroys everything he touches and routinely tries to kill himself by pulling things on himself) Yes, a delight!!!

DestructoMeg said...

Look how happy he is that it isn't Lemming juice.
"Thank god mum! I found where you put the real wine"

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Lemming juice.... heh. yes, we all have to be dutiful parents and throw ourselves in front of the babes to save them from an terrible fate such as it is... ;)