Monday, 16 October 2006

My weekend by Torbenspang Huntington-Smyth, aged 10 months

We went to the South Coast and stayed at the Miz Speedy's Delightful Nanna's cabin at Shoalhaven Heads.

Day One.

Breakfast in bed

Went for a lovely drive to trick me to fall asleep again. It worked, damn it !!! Before I fell asleep I saw lots and lots of these.

Went to the beach

Played in sand

Ate sand (mmm tasty)

Water was too cold for my delicate young body.

Came home did boring stuff. Eventually rewarded the parents and went to sleep.

Day Two.

Went on another drive (what is it with parents and them wanting me to sleep. Sleep is for babies!!!) This time saw lots and lots of Silos on way to Berry.

went wine tasting

went to Minamurra Rainforest

They even made me crawl part of the way

had tasty bottle and came home.

Don't know why the parents bothered to pack the pram, I refused to sit in it all weekend. much nicer to be carried everywhere!


DestructoMeg said...

It's tough being Torby!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

that reminds me, how's your Quinny* thingy working?