Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Hmmm, what to do, what to do.

I have a day off. Yes a real live day off. No child, no going to the salt mines tm. yay for me!!!!
This post is going to serve as my to-do list for today

make batch of food for torby
do at least one load of washing
potter around and get the house a little bit cleaner than before
look up details of stuff near shoalhaven (we're going there for the weekend to throw the little one in the ocean and see what happens!!)
watch tape of boston legal from last night
have a lovely nap
plan menu for this week
plan new burgundian for yule feast
collect torby from daycare
do a little bit of actual work to contribute to my 'work from home wednesday' hours
check work emails
make dinner (spanish chicken with roasted corn salsa, thanks so much for asking)
trot down to westfield this evening to see devil wears prada with she who must not be named.
go to sleep!

now, if anyone has something thats actually fun to do, please let me kno. Other than the nap and the seeing the movie, I really could cheerfully procrastinate!

yes, we have no babies today


DestructoMeg said...

I don't like you at all, you smell.

Ok. In my alternate reality where I have a day off, I'm going to clean the house, practise my flute, do some knitting and sewing and SLEEP. Hmm almost as good as being able to do that!


DV said...

Have just finished making batches of food for torby - fusilli with beef, chicken, eggplant, mushroom, capsicum, asstd herbs and spices in a tomatoey sauce and salmon with cous-cous, lightly steamed and mashed pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato with a side order of green vegetables. sounds better than 'stuff what was in the fridge'.

have also had a nap, checked work emails and done some work. sitting here rewarding myself by making myself sick on rockmelon.

Baggy Trousers said...

Sweety, you DO know that today is Tuesday, don't you?

I've cleaned out half of the kitchen cupboards, and spray painted their insides. So far. There needs to be some time spent in the sewing room too. And plans for dinner - I should cook G a banquet. Just for fun.

DV said...

should I not do work on tuesday??

come 'round here and have some wine, I mean coffee.

It's so very beverage o'clock.

DestructoMeg said...

smell smell you all SMELL.

DV said...

that's not very nice young lady, just because you're trapped at work on this slightly overcast day while the rest of us are doing exciting things like cleaning doesn't mean you have to be nasty about it : )

Mousicles said...

3 and a half days and I'll be unemployed!!!

I shall have days of slugging about without a baby...or at least not one on the outside.

I'd like to think I'll be productive and clean the house to within an inch of its life and create a lovely garden, but the parasite... I mean proto-baby, P2, will have other ideas about my energy levels.

DestructoMeg said...

you forget.. I'm not at all nice ;)

Mindy said...

Don't count your days off yet Mouse. Baby might decide to surprise you and come early. I recommend sleeping as much as possible. Just because you can.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

sleep is a very fine thing.

Mousicles said...

Sleep is good. Bizarrely, I've recently lost the knack for it. It must be something to do with the combination of bladder, hips and cats all complaining at me to get up and see to their needs.

I realise that my sans-baby slugging time might be cut short at any moment... but that's not necessarily a bad thing either, I think. Any time now is good with me.

Last day of work today!!!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

the thing with sleep at that point is that you have to wake up every time you want to move a centimetre... that's the bit I hated the most.

DV said...

that bit really did suck. That and I would get shooting pains in my legs and hips if I lay on one side for longer than ooh 3 seconds, so I was constantly rolling. Euch!!
It really does seem unnescassary and cruel that in those last few months when you should be resting and getting as much sleep as possible, your body conspires against you.