Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Don't hate me because I'm well rested

Torby and I ditched our social responsibilities today and stayed at home. I ditched my domestic duties and had naps on the couch.
It was delightful.

We at casa de huntington-smyth have had a fairly full couple of weeks culminating in last weekend of afternoon teas, dinners, Mothers group combined birthday parties and having house invaded by nearly homeless people and friends for pizza and beer. All very lovely, but not very condusive (sp?) to sleep and rest and routines and happy babies.

That's all fixed now.
He did his favourite pattern of two hours awake, two hours asleep. I had naps on the couch, we ate own body weight of watermelon and apples. It was t'riffic.

Now house looks even more like a brothel (well, one filled with childrens toys, which is all a bit too icky for me) than normal, with a fine layer of toys throughout the rooms and the kitchen floor covered in discarded bits of sandwich and crackers. So yes, I'll spend a goodly portion of the this evening just getting back to almost liveable but it was worth it for I have slept!


Mindy said...

I'm sorry but I have to hate anyone who gets to sleep during the day. Nothing personal. No, actually I'm just very very jealous. Very.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

mmm Min, I hate her too, don't worry ;)

I sometimes get the opportunity, but I don't have the ability. well, if it's a) less than half an hour and b) before about 2:30pm, I can almost do it. but if either of the above go wrong, I'm a cranky zombie for hours afterwards. it's just not worth it, for me or anyone else under the same roof.

I've worked out at the moment I'm missing about a half to an hour of sleep a day - not enough to be brain dead, but enough to miss it by the end of the week.

I long for a nap sometimes.