Thursday, 12 October 2006


Guess what Torby does when he's bored of sitting in his pram???

stands up.

yep, squiggles out of the straps and twists around and stands and kneels and pokes his head out the back.

yay for him., it makes shopping that much more pleasant for everyone concerned!!

sob, sob, sob.

a double vodka for me please!


DestructoMeg said...

you are so doomed ;)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

doomed we tell you.

(ps Doorbitch says pkldv: pickled DV!)

Wenchilada said...

Let the games begin!

How about a twist of lemon with that vodka?

fliss said...

which means it won't be long til he figures out how to squirm out of his car seat whilst car is moving! Oh I'm soooo glad i don't have that toddler in backseat diving out of straps whilst you're doing 100km on the M4 feeling to deal with anymore...