Monday, 18 January 2010

Pumpkin Soup ala DV

1 butternut pumpkin cut into biggish cubes
2 onions into half moons
some bacon chopped up
Garlic clove or 4 roughly chopped
a lump of ginger, grated (I roughly chopped it this time which makes it too lumpy)

Throw into a pot with a smidge of oil to get some colour.

Add the chicken carcasses you've been saving in the freezer.

Not-quite-cover with water and stock (yes, yes, the stock may have been overkill but it still tastes good)
leave to bubble and simmer along until pumpkin is soft.

cool a bit

ditch the chicken carcasses and make sure all meat scraps are left in the pot.

smoosh the pumpkin up a bit.

decide is a bit too runny and put the stove back on and let bubble away until reduced a bit.

smoosh pumpkin some more

add lashings of black pepper and a bit fo salt

it's all yummy and a bit smoky (from bacon and variously baked/barbecued chicken carcasses) and I look forward to scoffling it for various lunches.

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