Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Platelet day

So yesterday was Platelet Day and I survived.

They say it's common to get tingly lips and a manky taste in your mouth from the anti-coagulant they put back in with the red blood cells and oh how I got that. Chocolate milkshakes are a good way to make it all better. The manky taste in my mouth was also caused by the calcium tablet in water they first gave me. bleurgh!
Apparently, because they are taking a big bunch of calcium out of me, they feel quite strongly about replacing it. Weird I tells ya.

I also got the pale-and-pasty-white-either-going-to-feint-or-pass-out-or-do-both feeling. Lowering my head was very effective but I would still keep getting occasional woogy feelings. Nothing unmanageable just less than ideal. It was also really really nice to move my arm again once it was all over.

However, the whole thing only took 64minutes, not the 82 that was the original plan(my platelet count had increased since last plasma donation) and I don't have to do it again for a month (I gave a double dose this time) and it's a good thing to do (tm)

Oh yeah, and I had the perfect excuse to lie on the couch after I got home and have dinner made for me for the second night in a row. Totally worth it.

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anti ob said...

Calcium replacement? Chocolate milkshakes are totally good for that too ya know... better have 2.