Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yestertday was the Day of the Happydance

Called the school that we really want Torby to go to next year to find out when we would find out if they had a place for him.
The school of choice is a little Infants (K-2) school down the road that looks awesome and most of the kids on our street will also be attending. It's not like there are any bad schools in our area but I had my heart set on this one.
Long story short, we are once again within their area (last year we were, then Dept of Education changed the boundaries and we weren't but the principal yelled at them a lot and now we are again - Oh okay, that was the long version) I did happydance of happiness..the happydance of joy will come along after we get the confirmation letter next month sometime.

At the moment, Torby goes to A's (family daycare lass of awesomeness who has looked after him since he was 6mths old) on Mon, Tue, Wed and a local preschool for Thu, Fri.
On Wednesday's one of the boys who started at the same time is there so that's good fun for him but there are a lot more babies at A's on Mon/Tue and he gets bored, despite A's best efforts.
This translates to him never wanting to go and it always being a bit of a hassle to get him there etc etc.
One call to the preschool to find out that they had a spot on Mon-Tues opening up in 2 weeks and one chat (by Nw) to A to see if it was okay that he only goes there Wednesdays and we have it all sorted. Is nice that he will still go there once a week and see her and all the other kids.
More happydances ensued.

A playdate with 2daycare chums is happening on Sunday (happydance)

Found a good noodle place down the road from work (minor happydance)

A friend is now officially in remission from the evil C word (major happydance)

I'm choosing to ignore the horridness that was actual work yesterday and the fact that I may be coming in on Saturday etc etc etc.. Much nicer to dwell on the happydance moments instead.

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