Wednesday, 23 May 2007

not dead...just feeble

It's getting sos a girl can't fail to return emails or calls and no update her blog and everyone thinks she's dead or hates them. Truth is, I'm just a slack tart.

So, what have been getting up to, ummm, well, stuff?

Let's see now

I went to Melbourne, twice. The second time I even managed to finaly go to the bar Megzz & Snerg told me about, 'Madame Brussles'. All Melbournites should go there. T'was fabulous.

Got addicted to 'Heroes' whilst at a friends house in Melbouren, they lovingly sent me home with the dvd's. They're eviiiil, but not THAT eviiiil (friends don't let friends become addicted to tv shows and then not give them the dvd's)

Watched Eurovision semi-finals but not the finals.

Drank dodgy frozen cocktails

Upped my work week to 4 days a week (still unsure how i feel about it but means more money and my boss is a lot happier)

Did a 2 day couse on Project Management an am considerng doing a TAFE one with Miss Jimmy

Dealt with sick husband, dealt with sick child

Attended a one yr olds birthday party (I love that I get to go to a lot of kiddies parties now)

made delicious lamb shanks in guinness

booked tickets to see 'Jackson Jackson'

That's all I can think of now,

See, not dead yet

(I should also point out I love that my friends check up on me)


Baggy Trousers said...

Good to see you're not dead.
And I reckon your stat counter's gone up by 1000 since your last post.

A somewhat-wise person once told me that you should consider the way you actions affect your friends...
Don't forget that they care about you, huh?

Mousicles said...

I heard a rumour that you'd been to Melbourne again.

Good to see you're not dead.

Miss Jimmy said...

You see? It wasn't just me that was getting suspicious! I just sent you odd texts wondering if you were ok. At least I never assumed you were dead! Glad to have you back though - nothing else to read at work! I might have to go back to my trash mag addiction

Miss Jimmy said...

oh. and PS.
I am pissed that you went to Madame Brussells without me!!! Next time...

JD said...

She's really not dead. There was a sighting...

Good to have you back. :D

Destructomeg said...

I knew you'd like Madame Brussells. How could you not? I wants one for mine very owns.

Hunydd said...

Hooray! Not dead!!

I'd started ringing the funeral homes....

Cozalcoatl said...

'Heroes' rocks. We love it, have the last couple of the season but haven't watched them yet. Ohh the anticipation.

Baggy Trousers said...

Yeah - Heroes has been good - but wait until you get to the end of this season - such a disappointment.