Tuesday, 11 November 2008

horrid child

My techno geek toddler managed to give my mobile phone a new password yesterday.

I only discovered this wehn it ran out of battery and I turned it vack on this morning after recharging.

After a call to the manufacturer, it's been completely reset.

Good thing I downloaded photos yesterday and have most numbers saved onto the laptop at home.


Oh and the day at home yesterday with him helped. He had a biiig nap and a good nights sleep and he was much chirpier this morning.

We also went and visited his replacement daycarer for when the beloved A goes on holidays. She (we shall call her R) seems nice, the other kids seem happy and hopefully he won't mind the temporary transfer.

When A gets back from her desertion holidays, she will look after Torby for an extra day. Makes my boss happy.

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