Monday, 10 November 2008


Have had a most excellent weekend.

Friday was ninner with megzz and smurg, saturday was torby's swimming lessons, a visist to see the new Casa de Megzz and Smurg, baptime then Torby and I went to Meg &Jamies to stay the night. Nw was going to a friends 40th birthday party and this way he got to have a sleep-in and I got to go to the markets the next morning with disturbing him.

The kids giggled until about 10pm (it's like sleeping, but different), we watched The Tudors (delightfully trashy, nary a chemise in sight, lots of nipples and rumpy-pumpy and bad hats), the the kids woke up at 5:30 (sob)

There was much reading on the couch while they played and watched Playschool until it was markets time!

nummy gozleme, jumping castle, face painting, pleasant weather in the shade. Was all good and lovely. Nw cam e and picked us up and we went home. Despite the lte night/early morning liver had had, there was no nap until about 1:30 (sigh).

After nap, we went to J's 2nd birthday party. Careless of his parents to let him get all old and big like that. Torby behved well despite the lack of sleep. Nw pointed out that this was probably the first party we've taken him to were he required very litle involvemnet from us. He's getting big enough to interact more with the other kids and toys. Kinda cool. We got to chill out and chat to peoples.

The downside to this excelent weekend was that Torby got a bit overexcited and overtired by it all. Combine that wih a bit of a lurgy he's had for a while and it leads to a meltdown this morning and both of us staying home so he can get some sleep and have a restful day.

It's definately a couch day for us.

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