Monday, 7 September 2009

After a thrilling weekend of packing things into boxes I can report that;

We own far too many books.
We own far too much fabric.
We owned far too many baby clothes.

We have discovered;
- some jewellery that I thought I'd lost, hello again big red pendant, oh how I've missed you.
- my Certificate of Credit for a science comp I entered in 1990, I'm sure I could use it as ID instead of the birth certificate that's still missing, right?
- that I owned 4 copies of Jo's Boys by L.M. Allcott, I've kept the oldest of them all,
-that a lot of dust collects on things when you don't move them for 5 years,

Nw has dropped off a large collection of baby clothes and paraphenalia to the vinnies (or equivalent).
We have an ever growing collection of books to be taken to vinnies as well. If anyone wants a large collection of trashy sci-fi and just plain trashy boks, feel free to rummage through the boxes out the front of our house. Or just visit your local Vinnies in the coming weeks. It's where most of them came from after all.

Tonight we go to visit the lawyer to sign more stuff (contracts for our souls or something like that). Our reward will be yummy food from somewhere on King St.

Hopefully, in one weeks time, we'll be signing the final document and getting the keys to our new house.
The fact that the following day we're having a locksmith come and change the locks won't ruin the significance at all, no sirree.


anti ob said...

Having the locksmith come and change the locks won't ruin things at all, and also makes a fair amount o sense. Bro-in-law Mike, whos about as laid-back a landlord as one could hope for, had an extra key to the place next door after he finished building it, and for one reason or another we ended up with it. All through the first tenants I kept feeling like I should give it to them, but I neve got around to it. Second tenants and standard practice has the locks changed, so the key we have opens nothing, and I feel much better for it... but the moral of the story is you never know who still has one of the old ones.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

what he said.

also, a lot of Vinnies are now being run as franchises, where people run them partly for their own profit and then give some back to the charity. they've also been refusing to honour clothing vouchers given to disadvantaged people by charities.

I've been taking my stuff elsewhere.