Monday, 28 September 2009

Our new house (new for us anyway) has had the yicky carpet removed and the wooden floors have been polished and made to look beaustiful! Oh how I love them.

It also now has 3 bits of furnbiture in it after a trip to Ikea on Sunday.
Remind me to never go to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon again. It was like hell's own waiting room only with more annoying people.

Nw is home with a sick Torby this morning and hopefully fixing our farked router. I need to call the beloved A soon and let her know Torby will not be joining them today.

Also need to book an Optus person to come and put cable internet into new house and chase up the electrician for his quote and the glazier for a time and and and...

We will move all the big stuff into the house next weekend (this one is Nw's party and maybe a spot of painting on Sunday) Then we will have a week to clean up the old placve and move the last few things across. Good timing on Nw's parents to be in Perth for a while so we can run away with the station wagon. *grin*

Hmm I wonder how much babysitting I'm going to owe M&J after I try and convince them that they love Torby and want to look after him while we do painting/moving/etc. A lot I suspect. Baybsitting and wine.

Soon we will be in teh new house. Soooooooon.
As long as we don't go mad from the stress of actually getting there.


JD said...

If'n you needs hands and a (small) car, I has them and I gives them to you for the helping when you moves.

Impish said...

No helping hands or cars from me. Unless you're moving to Melbourne, in which case, all my hands are belong to j00.

... aren't you already mad?