Saturday, 26 September 2009

stuff of a random nature

The internet fell over at home yesterday afternoon. Oh how I mourned it's passing. I called tech support and they made me do the unplugging/replugging dance and agreed I wasn't doing anything wrong. A technician was booked for early this morning. Daen wakes up this morning and decides to try replugging it all back in.
Tha bastard made it work!
and Yay!
but a smidge of hrmph


It does mean that I don't have to spend the morning loitering at home waiting, waiting waiting.
I can come along to then new house to see how the floors look now that our floorman has removed carpet and made the wood all shiny.
I can also drag us all to Bunnings to look at paint etc.

We also get to go to the chemist for some medicine for Torby. He was a bit sick and freaked out last night at M&J's and woke up a few more times when we got home. He's a bit hot and is complaining of sore teeth. We suspect his very back molars are coming through. Poor thing.
He's opted out of swimming lessons and is curled up on the couch with me instead. He's a really good hot water bottle.
He's also still got a lumpy head from where he fell and cracked hi head on the toilet on Thursday. He's really not having a good time of it. I ahte not being able to make it all better instantly.

The dust came back!
Sky was all yellow (not the bloodred of Wednesday thankfully) this morning and the dusty taste is in the air.

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