Monday, 14 September 2009


11pm - fall into bed and start snoring.

4am - wake up with whistley/bubbly lungs (must be better at using nasal spray to help stop this)

4:15 am - Torby cries out because he's clonked his nose on a toy. Get out of bed, go deal with that, lie back down and curse at lungs for not behaving.

4:25am - Torby cries out because his blankets are crooked. Go deal with this, lie back down, cough some more to make lungnoise stop.

4:45am - Torby cries out that he needs our help. Send Nw in to deal with him as you have finally found perfect position and are finally drifting back off again.

5:10am - Torby comes in to the room complaining that his 'busy' (the laptop) is gone. Tell him it's still sleep-time and to come lie down. He climbs into bed and starts whinging and jiggling and telling me to shush when I start coughing.

5:20am - crawl out of bed to go have shower and resist urge to sell child to the gypsies.

5:30am - emerge from shower, rescue Torby from Nw packing him off to the gypsies.

6am - finish breakfast and getting dressed, succesfully avoid dialling the gypsies.

6:14am - Torby turns the cuteness on just in time for me to stagger out the door to go to work.

7:15am - first of many cups of coffee for the day hits my system, world becomes slightly less fuzzy.

It's going to be a looong looong day.

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K said...

"He climbs into bed and starts whinging and jiggling and telling me to shush when I start coughing."

I hear you. After a full-on weekend where L wants cartoons on louder than I can stand them, talks over the top of people, makes strange sucky noises while building lego, and hums songs as she goes, continually asking for attention/input/help (essentially near constant noise) she then tells her father to shoosh the minute he starts singing something.