Sunday, 13 September 2009

The swimming lessons paid off

Torby took an unexpected swim yesterday at Mel&Rusty's yesterday.

It was going to be him or the other little girl who was there..we all knew it would happen. They were wandering around the pool poking the water with we said, inevitable.

The splash still made my heart still skip a beat. Nw was close to him when it happened and easily fished him out. Towels and hugs and kisses were swiftly administered followed by fresh clothes and chippies. It's quite amazing how quickly a handful of crisps can dispel the shock of it all.

I was very proud of Torby for trying to keep himself afloat and not sinking like a stone, hooray for swimming lessons actually working.

It's one of those things that had to happen eventually and I'm glad it did when there were a lot of adults around and hopefully he remembers not to lean so far over water next time because that next time there may not be anyone around to fish him out.


Impish said...

Parenting: if the guilt doesn't kill you, the heart-attacks will. You have strengthened my resolution to get the doomling to the pool more often!

anti ob said...

As you say - probably a useful and memorable lesson. But yay for swimming lessons!

Hunydd said...

Funny, Rusty said something along the same lines - if it was going to happen, it's a good thing that it happened when and where it did. A) he was actually in no real danger, and B) he might have learned something to prepare him for future "adventures".