Thursday, 3 September 2009


I went to see my lung specialist this morning whil Nw entertained Torby at the shops.

Accoirding to the blood tests and the respiratory function tests, I'm normal.


I have some drugs to take for a bit and I'm to keep using a nasal spray and in theory it should all go away soon.

Oh and an x-ray soon and follow-up appointment with my gp.

but, cured! cured I tells ya. I can go on thoise cross-country runs I love so much without my lungs exploding.

Or not.

Now for this pesky headcold to go far far away and the house to be settled and the moving to be done and the new details for getting to/from wedding in Ballarat to be confirmed and and and

Oh and I love my friends...I luv youse all

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