Monday, 27 October 2008

weekend recap


Met up with Finn and MissP for some shopping and a catch-up. MiisP is all big and growned-up and very very cute.

Dinner at Meg & Jamie's. Some glasses of wine and then a late dinner is an interesting combo. Damn that pizza place for not delivering instantaneously!


Got to sit in on Torby's swimming lessons. He's loving it! Only 3 kids in his class and a good instructor. Lots of squealey 'look at me mum, I'm swimming!'

Some shopping for new swimmers for him, a failed naptime for him (and therefore me) and then lounging around in a porl & fliss' backyard eating, drinking, laughing at all the childrens. Not sure I can forgive Mim & Richard for letting thier girls grow up. Who let Rachel be 12yrs old!! Carelessness I say.


Markets of yumminess, tea and kids doing painting in meg's backyard. Mr H dropped over with his delightful new girl Meg (no more meg's allowed, too too confusing).

Biiiiig nap for us all then the Ikea for a nightlight for Torby.

Only bad bit was the fact that MrNw got some lurgy and was feeling a bit manky. He's home today to sleep and hopefully get better.

Oh and we found a kids table and chairs set at the junk shop near meg & jamie's. Will replace the coffee table that MissCharlie had loaned us. Hoorah!

All-in-all, an excellent weekend.

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