Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Floods to the north and fires to the south

I am disgusted that people exist in this world who don't think or don't care about the consequences of deliberately lighting fires. F#cktards!

I am horrified at the death toll and the destruction.

I am amazed at the horror the weather can bring to our country.

I am saddened by what people have lost.

I am uplifted by the generosity and caring that people have shown.


Wenchilada said...

Honestly, how can these people live with themselves? Thank Christ they are a minority.

What's additionally depressing is the Pentecostal Pastor or the flailing of arms and crying "Global Warming! The Sky is falling! We tried to warn you! Repent all ye sinners and turn to Carbon offsetting!"

But I digress...

Oh, and the word verification for this rant is "hatin"... coincidence?

Dr Q said...

The only reason I can come up with for arsonists is that they have to be stark raving mad. Or perhaps that level of aspergers where they simply don't understand human emotion?

As for the flaming hell pastor, he may get a surprise if that's where he ends up.

The verification word for this post is 'amsta' - as in toasty?

Toasty said...

You called? :-)

spyder said...

Indeed Arsonists are mass murders.
It's worth noting that only ONE fire in Victroia was deliberatley set (Churchill- 4 deaths and rising), the others were almost certainly lightening strikes or started by natural causes, if you can call 47 degrees and gale force winds natural.
I think the outrage about arsonists says a lot about our need to control and blame.
If it was started by someone we might have a chance of a) catching the fuckers and reeking our rewenge and b) stopping it from happening again.
If it is natural causes there is no one to blame, no way to control the weather and no hope of stopping it happening again.
That's a good deal harder to stomach: it requires serious, expensive strategies to find a solution and it's not nearly so conveniently digestable for Channel 9.