Monday, 9 February 2009

Spotty McSpotspot

We took Torby to the doctor this morning to get a rash on his chest and tummy checked out.
It's not the heat rash we thought it was.

Rather, it's a form of measels (I keep writing that word as weasels and making myself giggle)

Luckily he's been innoculated against nasty German Measels so this is just a mild form that's mostly about the spots and maybe a bit of a fever.

Sometimes it's good to gve in to the paranoia and get these things checked out.

We've warned the people we were with on the weekend (In Miss Hunnyyddd's words 'So you bought your infectious spotty child and rubbed him up against people') but just in case you do become's all our fault.

Sorry 'bout that.

1 comment:

Hunydd said...

Rusty is claiming that he is itchy. I think it's just that I told him about the measles and now he is Mr Hypochindria...